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Après RROBIN et Rhino, Galant Records continue son exploration des territoires vastes du beatmaking dans le hip hop avec un duo inédit Kuna Maze et Vax1 formant Galant Troopers.

Si les médias français s’amusent à définir le rap français comme « la nouvelle pop », de notre côté à Galant Records, nous préférons continuer d’observer ce genre en perpétuel mouvement et donner la chance à ces artistes de montrer leurs différences. Loin d’être un
Ouroboros (symbole antique représentant le serpent qui se mord la queue), le rap emprunte de nouvelles formes, qui tel Sangoku au fil des animés, continue de surprendre. Aussi bien avec des nouvelles voix, que de nouveaux beatmakers, on assiste à pluralité des sous-genres au sein du hip-hop.

Pour ce premier volume, d’un projet à géométrie variable, nous avons invités le producteur majeur de l’Or du Commun, Vax1, ainsi que l’auteur du planant « 2009 », sorti l’an passé chez Cascade Records, Kuna Maze. Véritables artificiers des lyricistes, Galants Toopers est allé digger bien au-delà des territoires connus pour trouver leurs MCs.
Si le lyonnais Double Ä est bien connu des productions de Vax1, le reste de la tracklist propose des collaborations inédites : les belges Blu Samu et Jay MNG, l’australien Nelson Dialect et le mancunien Black Josh. Avec ce casting international, notre duo propose un album dense, singulier, qui malgré des flow et aspirations différentes des invités, démontre une cohérence artistique, proche d’une ambiance nu-jazz et de la scène électronique londonienne.

Par ce biais bien loin de la pop, le hip hop porté par ce duo n’est que le premier opus d’une dynastie urbaine qui a encore tout à explorer.


released November 15, 2019

Label: Galant Records

Producteur: Jarring Effects Label

Artistes : Kuna Maze, Vax-1, Blu Samu, Black Josh, Nelson Dialect, Double Ä, Jay MNG

Writers : Salomé DOS SANTOS (Black & Blu), Joshua PINNOCK GRAY (King of Lyon), Nelson HEDDITCH (Outside, Unkindly), Joris MPETI NGAMA (Volhouden), Roméo AUDEMARD (Exquixit),

Composer : Xavier Boivin, Edouard Gilbert

Artwork by Lilo Berthelot

Promotion : Barbara Iannone (barbara.iannone.presse@gmail.com)

Distribution : Believe Digital


all rights reserved



Galant Records Lyon, France

Explosive, decentralized, futuristic, inventive and completely cross-bred : the future of rap music is GALANT RECORDS.

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Track Name: Kuna Maze, Vax-1, Blu Samu - Black & Blu Feat Blu Samu
I can't always be black and blue

Gonna have to know babe, what you really want to do

I can't listen to what they say - Got to make my own way, cause I got my own stakes
and I need my own place on this ethereal plane no place for games I got serious things to say my man,
I just 
Needed some time to tie loose ends and find out where I begin

I do a little for the praise
 but mostly for the pain
 mostly for that hole inside my soul that needs to see the light again
I do a little for my friends
 the ones that know the lane
 the ones that been driving so for they seem to be inside a maze

But it's amazing, when you do what you want

affirm yourself yeah know who you are,
know where you're going remember where you're coming from x2

Though girl in a rough world where the thugs hurl when the money call anybody on the streets skrrr

Ooh but y'all be broken broken broken. x2

Though girl in a rough world where the rich hurl when the money call anybody on the block skrrr

Ooh but y'all be broken broken broken. x2

Broken and hoping that money can consult your heart and a new car will help you get her or maybe less hurt or maybe even heard get respect on your turf 
you get a bunch of followers I find all that shit absurd I wanna stop all the hurt I wanna battle the curse
 heal the divide with my words I'll find in time how it works

And Ooh bitches, when I do I'm coming for you with the loving that you're poor soul has been missing

But it's amazing, when you do what you want 
affirm yourself yeah know who you are,
know where you're going remember where you're coming from x2
Track Name: Kuna Maze, Vax-1, Black Josh - King of Lyon Feat Black Josh

In France on a madness

Shouts to the Lyon gang, Lyon cult

Lil sag


Kings like Leon
Protect at all cost
Assassinate em (them) like Leon
I just stepped out in Lyon

Feeling like Juninho
The field what I be on
Wanna (want to) ball like Benzema
That’s my energy, EON

Broken hearted like Ceon
Tortured soul like I’m Theon
Making deals they agree on
While they’re sat at home finding Instagrams to pree on
It’s only sweg shit they see me on

I was tryna (trying to) build on a burnin’ Bridge
The trolls underneath they got burnt to crisp
Tapping ash on em as I burn my splif
Why he acting famous no ones heard of him
I’m like bobby bitch I just shmurder it
I stay schooling kids get to learning quick
I ain’t role model I’m absurdly lit
So all that bullshit don’t concern me with


Coz (because) things are getting mad in my town
Book the flight I gotta (got to) go and fly out
Still lighting up when it’s lights out
Out of my mind listen kidda mind out

I’m on a cold sag run
Like a nomad
Travel till the whole maps done
& then I go back
Yh you know I smoke that skunk
Until the whole packs done
I’m on a cold sag run
Untill I go nap

Verse 2

I’m Lucky that I seen the day today
On sleeping pills but I stayed awake
Them demons still plague my brain

They told be careful like man is assed
Am I an addict naa (no)
Denials in my xannie bar
Linking dots near Alex park
A4 whipping like a rally car
Back to where the skallys are

All blacked out in a dark place
Me & Mennis staying scheming round are ways
Heart ache
Yh I felt it in them manny zones
Made her break
Yh I’m bad I know
I’ll see her back at home
tried the booty call but got the answer phone
Soon she’s gonna (going to) answer tho

Smoking up I ain’t high enough
Only high fashion when I buy my bud
dosi dozing off high as fuck
Dosi dose in designer tubs
Got the green like Bruce Banner I think I am hulk
Done a bottle of Henne and now I am drunk

Back to hook
Track Name: Kuna Maze, Vax-1, Nelson Dialect - Outside Feat Nelson Dialect
Verse One

Playing Jaylib in Ray West’s Jeep
I go outside ‘til the sun leaves
Then I duck down like Black Moon
Thru an avenue collect capital

Young soul artist ducking tax & black markers
Black Rob like Woah
record in a backpack
in my girl apartment go outside

Word I part with, simple things
Can it all be so? Raekwon lyrics
For my nieces and nephews saying this
‘til i have my own one day I think

Don’t dim my light sitting up at night
Split hair over time on a dollar sign
Let me roll the dice, don’t roll your eyes
Snake eye show up with they own advice


Go outside outside
Out, looking in, go out

Verse Two

Load up the troop, smooth, told as a youth,
Give up or choose, don’t heat up a spoon
Seen a few ones go missing & lose
Begin ya move don’t end too soon

Find yourself, before the end of time is felt
First name Nels
No one else gonna hold ya hand
Going thru hell thinking of a master plan

On the brink kid can’t board a ship
Without leaving a harbor afraid to sink
Big things, wish I could check them in
Got me chasing the hand when hour ends

Tryna make amends stacking up our ends
Get a crib with a lab and a wood grain Benz
Pen don’t work, if you don’t work
If it don’t hurt? Was it real earth?


Go outside Outside
Out, looking in, Go Out
Track Name: Kuna Maze, Vax-1, Jay MNG - Volhouden Feat Jay MNG
kleine hou het vol yo werk ze doen het toch nie voor jou x4
vraag aan de leerkracht hoe dat jay was
fuck de hele klas bij mij geen brain wash
vrije man overal waar ik men voet zet
geef voorzet ja ik kop het in het doel man
mijn doelen zijn verouderd maar het gaat goed mec
alleen de fam kan ik vertrouwen de rest een pijpslet
slenter nie men time is timelles wil een rollie g
generatie pompen tot te dood en da verandert nie . eigen vragen voor mijn eigen dagen ken mijn waarde nie vertragen om men klus te klaren .die boy wie slagen het gaat moeilijk maar ik blijf proberen fuck de universe ga men eigen leren negertje van de block en die zit nie me zijn tijd te spelen voor jullie crimineel maar heb men business wa kan mij da schelen doe u ogen open na geen schild en vriend de einige shield is u friend die u steunt in shit

kleine hou het vol yo werk ze doen het toch nie voor jou x4

zigzag rechtdooor ken ik nie cc'est pas une blague c'est chaud c'est ca ma vie des fois je suis seule et je crois que perds mon temps je prend volant et je fly comme un cervolant je suis bilingue de slang is geen straattaal dus doe relax de stress word mij fataal veel comentaar maar die jongen staat zijn eigen man veel meer moeite om te winne ma ik kom er wel lijd mijn eigen door de dorens van het leven veel vergeven maar de steken zijn gebleven gene zever ja die jay die overleven regel enkel nog de centjes om te leven
Track Name: Kuna Maze, Vax-1, Nelson Dialect - Unkindly Feat Nelson Dialect
Verse One

Can’t question your integrity, tread lightly, winds never leave
Gotta push your peddly in hard times definitely
Tough legacy, let us get bread B
Bake it daily but you paying me in flour bleach

Sound like Roy Ayers rolling on a Mothership
P-Funk album cover using it to roll a Dutch
In God we trust on my money and such
Hearts we touch trust nobody enough

The city monologue talking to your brain when you get a job
Hot summers, block runners in tank tops
At bus stops, option and cost get subbed
Like bad defenders entering in the playoffs

Clutch when I pen songs what I came for
Brain pouring in the water full of deep thoughts
Hemispheres getting filled by the gallons
From NY to Paris let your heart keep in balance


Don’t treat yourself unkindly kindly
Don’t treat yourself unkindly kindly
Keep going for yours
Keep going for yours

Verse Two

We all suffer setbacks promise me, more than me probably
Why I see us all like we on the same team
But not everybody playing even
Hard to see my friends beat up media policing

Put reefer in a bum bag pill stash, flip it on the weekend
Short term wins in a long run of reasons
Motivation my family, non famous,
Keep it low key, you nae naeing for the majors,

In a inner city built by the dutch,
I'm a split it son, fill it with lyrics and light it up
Lucini Camp Lo this is it, what
Really been diligent doing this 10 years plus

But still getting rushed, heart plummeting
Wondering if I did it different would I even win?
Came home to unlock the door to ya talent
But you felt the key change like an r&b ballad


Don’t treat yourself unkindly kindly
Don’t treat yourself unkindly kindly
Keep going for yours
Keep going for yours

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